Product Feedback Management

足球滚球比分 Leverage product feedback software to connect your product management, product marketing, and customer feedback teams with customers to gain the insights necessary to develop new products customers want and need, continuously improve your products, increase adoption, and drive sales.

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New Belgium and Crafting Effective Product Feedback

足球滚球比分New Belgium is renowned for their exceptional beer and take product testing and feedback very seriously. Their Sensory Lab has perfected a feedback system they were kind enough to share in our Case Study.

Get this Case Study to Learn:

  • The challenges of finding the best sources of product feedback.
  • Tactics the brewery uses to ensure this process is successful.
  • How New Belgium tailors feedback collection to their product.
  • Results and benefits of their feedback process.
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足球滚球比分New Belgium Brewing – Perfecting the Craft

Get the Case Study – Perfecting the Craft

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Learn how New Belgium uses product feedback to innovate in the craft beer industry.

Master the Product Lifecycle

Product Feedback Lifecycle

足球滚球比分SurveyGizmo product feedback management allows your team to collect, analyze, and take action on product feedback to continuously improve your products to meet and exceed your goals.

Complex and disorderly feedback processes can be cleaned, structured, and automated to allow you to not only react to product feedback, but also to stay one step ahead of your competition to release impactful products and enhancements.

Product Feedback Lifecycle

Product Feedback Management Lifecycle - Product Research

Product Research

足球滚球比分When a new product idea has been hatched, validation on the idea is crucial to knowing whether or not to fully invest in actually creating that product. SurveyGizmo helps you gather insights to build better products by understanding what problems your product will solve and which audience will be the most receptive to a new product, software, or service.

Product Feedback Management Lifecycle - Product Development

Product Development

足球滚球比分Once a new product or feature is approved, product development teams are on the hook to get that product created and market ready. If you don’t know where development milestones are being missed and what impact that’s causing to the success of that product, you’re putting a successful launch in jeopardy. SurveyGizmo makes is possible to see metrics on the progression of your development efforts and proactively make changes if the need arises.

Product Feedback Management Lifecycle - Product Testing

Product Testing

Once your killer product is out of development and ready to test, SurveyGimzo handles data collection from any beta testing activities. Collecting both quantitative, as well as qualitative, feedback on what customers are embracing and improvements that need to be made ensure that when you rbring your product out of beta, users will not only adopt it, but love it.

Product Feedback Management Lifecycle - Product Launch and Improvement

Product Launch and Improvement

Your product is ready to launch to the masses. How do you know if people are using and adopting and if they are looking for changes or enhancements? SurveyGizmo allows the capture of product feedback from customers, users, and internal teams to shed light on how to improve your offering. Quantifying large volumes of feedback data, even from multiple sources, means creating product insights that will help keep your offering at the front of the pack.

Product Feedback Management Lifecycle - Strategic Product Plans

Strategic Product Plans

足球滚球比分As with any other business decision being made, quantitative data should be combined with qualitative data to determine the best strategic direction. SurveyGizmo’s powerful reporting and insights engine brings all of the data necessary to combine with market trends, gut feelings, and other qualitative insights to set the most informed strategic product roadmaps and plans for your organization.

Unique Capabilities of SurveyGizmo

Integrate product feedback data with data from other sources

Deep Integration

SurveyGizmo’s ability to integrate with other systems used by your organization means that other data sources can be easily combined to help drive your strategic product decisions.

Data visualization for product feedback and product research

Data Visualization

The SurveyGizmo InsightCanvas makes it easy to understand and share your findings with other stakeholders using customizable and flexible reporting options and a powerful, real-time analytics dashboard.

Data visualization for product feedback and product research


足球滚球比分SurveyGimzo allows all data that comes in to be routed and analyzed by designated individuals and teams to set up a customized workflow that allows you to take action on data insights quickly.

Hear What Our Customers Say

Photo of Ali Sgultz
“Our favorite thing about SurveyGizmo is how easy it is to use from both a creater and user standpoint. The sensory department at New Belgium Brewing initially got a subscription for internal training, but after seeing how well it works, we’ve started using it for all of our outward-facing consumer studies. Now multiple departments have their own accounts as well!” – Ali Shultz, Sensory Analyst, New Belgium Brewing

Let SurveyGizmo Optimize Your Product Feedback Process

足球滚球比分Being able to collect, analyze, and make decisions based on high quality data gives your product management, development, and marketing teams the leg up on providing products your customers will use and love. Bring your product offerings to the next level and start thinking more strategically about your product mix by learning more about how SurveyGizmo will revolutionize your product feedback management process.