Staying connected to your customers
and employees has never been more
important or more challenging.
We make it easy.

SurveyGizmo provides the best and most affordable tools to connect you with your customers and employees. We also help you identify the actions to take to support them. Now more than ever, staying close to people is critical to the well-being of your company.

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Here’s how SurveyGizmo does it.


and analyze from any source

足球滚球比分More than 15,000 companies – from the largest enterprises to independent researchers and small businesses – trust SurveyGizmo to collect all their feedback with predictable costs. And to give them fast and accurate reporting. To get the best feedback in any situation, start with the easiest to use, fastest to implement, most flexible solution on the market (that’s what the G2 Crowd called us).


through the core business systems you already use

足球滚球比分Every company wants to get closer to their customers. To take feedback and act on it. SurveyGizmo helps companies integrate their feedback into the systems that drive their business (such as Salesforce, Service Cloud, Microsoft Dynamics, Tableau, HubSpot). When you integrate great feedback into core systems, you take immediate action to delight your customers and improve your business.


to empower your business securely

Let your business users solve their business challenges in their way while the IT teams provide the protections your data deserves. That’s what some of the largest brands in the world are doing today with SurveyGizmo. People are using our flexible platform to find new and better ways to serve their customers, with IT-driven guardrails to protect the enterprise.


people’s power to transform your business

足球滚球比分If your feedback is collecting dust and liability, it’s not helping you differentiate your business or help you better serve your customers. Put data in motion, integrate it, act on it, protect it, and close the loop with customers faster. This is how you innovate – in the market, with your customers. See how to take action now.

From Fortune 500 to Startups

No matter the complexity of your business, SurveyGizmo provides the best data collection, analysis, and integration tools to help take your organization to the next level. And beyond.

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“It can go toe to toe with other packages in terms of design and reporting options.”

Ross Rubin



“SurveyGizmo has a complete set of survey design tools, integrations and analytics.”

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